Our services.

Our services include:

Communication with sellers.
Conducting debates and trials in disputable situations with sellers.
Consolidation of freights in the general departure.

10% for orders from Korea. The commission undertakes from the full sum paid to seller/shop/auction. The minimum commission for the separate order / the entering parcel of-10000 wons.

5000 wons for a box for a parcel with your orders. If - the box can be of orders over 30 kg more expensive. 5000 wons the unchangeable sum also undertake from each parcel sent you home (in a parcel you can put from 1 to 30 of your orders together)

Optional payment - the Insurance of parcels, the cost of 5% from the specified insurance sum, but not less than 5000 wons

Storage - is free 3 months (you can save orders), further $5 a day, after 4kh months - utilization of freight


Delivery by mail is carried out to 19 kg.

EMS, from 0 to 30 kg, to any country, terms of 5-20 days. Quotations on services of mail of EMS:

05.кг 20,0$
1kg 25,7$
2kg 41,4$
3kg 47,1$
4kg 52,8$
5kg 58,8$
6kg 64,2$
7kg 71,2$
8kg 75,6$
9kg 81,4$
10kg 87,4$
11kg 92,7$
12kg 98.4$
14kg 110$
15kg 116$
16kg 121$
17kg 127$
18kg 133$
19kg 139$
20kg 144$
21kg 150$
22kg 159$
23kg 162$
25kg 173$
30kg 201$

Tracking of departure of EMS

Spare parts to Russia with a customs clearance for 6,5$/kg!
If volume more than 19 kg, we can offer delivery of freight of a cargo. The courier (CARGO) to Russia (From 70 kg, with a customs clearance), terms of 20 days, from 10$/kg
We carry out sending to Russia special equipment, equipment for construction, equipment for specialized objects, the equipment, mechanical devices.


Bank details T.D.karpezin.,co.ltd:

Name of bank: Korea exchange Bank
Address of bank: : Korea, Jang-Andong, Seoul,
tel 02 2212-7974
Clearing code: Jang-Andong Branch
Account number of the recipient: 650 009285 953
Name of the recipient: T.D.karpezin.,co.ltd
Recipient's address: 128-2 Junggok-dong, kwangjin-gu. SeoulKorea
Tel: 82 2 6465 1980
Mob.tel: 82 2 10 4007 1980

We accept various methods of payment- PayPal, WesternUnion, Webmoney, переводы Visa и Mastercard.