T.D.karpezin.,co.ltd is created in 2010 and South Korea is located to Seoul.

We are engaged in sale of spare parts for the Korean cars (www.koreaspare.com, www.koreaspare.net) and the Korean Kim's (www.delicious-kim.com) sale.

Since 2014 we are glad to offer you service of the intermediary in acquisition of any goods from Korea, from any shop of Korea. Being directly in Korea, we have unique possibility of communication with your seller personally, with our help you can specify necessary questions, solve disputes, organize joint purchases or wholesale deliveries for your business. It favourably distinguishes us among companies of this sort.

We constantly grow and we develop therefore we will gradually add new shops, new fields of activity about what we will immediately report to our clients in news on our site or by means of mailing. If you didn't find the positions interesting you on our site, but are sure that these goods are in Korea or are in search of any certain goods, address to us personally and we will deal with this issue!

We invite to cooperation of wholesale buyers!

Since 2015 we offer you tourist services in South Korea:

- guide, transfer,
- medical tourism,
- reception of foreign tourists across all Korea,
- the order of hotels and air tickets across all Korea,
- Russian-speaking excursions and the VIP rounds in Seoul, Busan, Gyeongju, to Jeju Island and in other regions of Korea,
- professional translation service in any areas,
- diving to Jeju Island,
- ecological Jeju Island tours,
- corporate insentiv-rounds, service of conferences and seminars,
- consultations on all questions for individuals and travel agencies,
- cycle tourism,
- fishing in Korea,
- casino in Korea.

We provide holding various international festivals, actions, conferences, and also we render assistance when shooting TV programs.

We actively are engaged in development of interesting new tourist's products and the directions across South Korea. All employees of our company take part in development of tourist programs, and also directly work as guides during rounds. We guarantee high quality of service. For example, Russian-speaking tourists are served by guides for whom Russian is native.

Please, study our license and a contact information. You can trust us and communicate in any time, convenient for you.


We are also glad to offer you tourist services in South Korea: guide, transfer, medical tourism.


Our office and shop in Seoul:


12-265 "hye jung sa"
Dapsipri 2-Dong
Seoul, Korea

CEO: Dmitry Karpezin
tel: 82 10 4007 1980
fax; 82 2 2242 3189
mobil phone 82 10 72 43 1980
E_mail: dmitrykarpezin@gmail.com
E_mail: contact@koreaspare.com

We in social nets:

Bank details T.D.karpezin.,co.ltd :

Name of bank: Korea exchange Bank
Address of bank: : Korea, Jang-Andong,  Seoul,
tel 02 2212-7974
Clearing code: Jang-Andong Branch
Account number of the recipient: 650 009285 953
Name of the recipient: T.D.karpezin.,co.ltd
Recipient's address: 128-2 Junggok-dong, kwangjin-gu. SeoulKorea
Tel: 82 2 6465 1980
Mob.tel: 82 2 10 4007 1980